About Disha Residency @Ganpatipule

Disha residency is a massive piece of Maestro lifestyles, we are one of the top front Mumbai based agency providing a wide range to facilities and services. Maestro lifestyle has been focused on promoting tourism in INDIA.

Disha residency holding its gratitude is situated on the clean and serine shiny silver sand lands on the western coast of Maharashtra.

GANPATIPULE - Best known as the land of ‘Swayambhu Ganpati’ where the temple was established 400 years ago. This is small village known for its placid and poised beaches braided with the natural fragrance of flora and fauna existing on the lands from ancient age. The shade mangroves and coconut trees makes the atmosphere pleasant.

Disha residency placed on the bank of reviver provides its viewer with a large and gigantic view of the river. Surrounded by hills and banked on the river, DISHA RESIDENCY offers its viewers a gigantic view of the river side and hill side. Accordingly to the surrounding natural conditions the rooms are well designed and well ventilated so that everyone who resides in dish residency should be pleased with the view.

Hotels at Ganpatipule Our main aim is to provide remarkable hospitality so that you just pay for your presumptions but receive beyond that. The rooms of Disha Residency are structured and designed after great thinking and re-thinking. We haven’t left any window or door for your complaint. The rooms are just perfect for your comfort and convenient stay. Our staff is trained well to serve you the best services and provide you with the best hospitality.

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